10+ Most Popular Minimalist Bedroom Design in Korean Style

Saturated with your current bedroom design? One of the effective things to get rid of boredom is to redesign your bedroom. One design that you can use is a minimalist bedroom design. Minimalist bedroom design has no death, you know, its popularity has been around since the 1960s until now.

Most Popular Minimalist Bedroom Design in Korean Style
Most Popular Minimalist Bedroom Design in Korean Style

Why should you choose a minimalist design? Minimalist bedroom designs tend to have rooms with minimal furniture so that it gives the impression of being spacious, open and clean. With a minimalist bedroom, the design is also considered more relaxed and suitable for those who want a relaxed atmosphere.

Using Wood Elements in Bedroom Design

Almost every minimalist bedroom design in Korean style uses wood as the main element. From furniture, floors, bed mattresses to room decoration. Not infrequently, they use wooden floors as a base in their room. Wood is believed to give a sense of warmth to the atmosphere of the room, so for the four countries this season, it is very beneficial to use wood as the main element to design their minimalist bedroom.

Wood Element Bedroom Design
Wood Element Bedroom Design – Source: ellaandlouise.com
Wood Element Bedroom Design Ideas
Wood Element Bedroom Design Ideas – Source: robertsonthomas.com
Wood Element Bedroom Ideas
Wood Element Bedroom Ideas – Source: ystoreusa.com

Classic Drawers in Korean Bedroom Designs

In addition to shelves, simple furniture that can maintain the neatness of your room is a drawer or cabinet. You can place a drawer in the corner of the room, next to a work desk or close to the bed.

Classic Drawer Bedroom Design
Classic Drawer Bedroom Design – Source: kahode.com
Classic Drawer Bedroom Design Ideas
Classic Drawer Bedroom Design Ideas – Source: manaplathongfarm.com
Classic Drawer Bedroom Ideas
Classic Drawer Bedroom Ideas – Source: rebazveholding.info

Ciamik Versatile Bedroom Storage Place

The main principle of Korean-style bedroom design is to help you maximize your room. Lately, beds with a storage area located under the bed are widely used in the design of studio apartments to boarding houses. The design of beds with additional drawers can save space for occupants of the room.

Unique Bedroom Storage Ideas
Unique Bedroom Storage Ideas – Source: homeanddecor.com.sg
Unique Bedroom Storage Design
Unique Bedroom Storage Design – Source: world365.info.sg
Unique Bedroom Storage
Unique Bedroom Storage – Source: decorunits.com

Comfortable Soft Decorative Pillows

To design a minimalist bedroom, cushion pillow is the most important idea. If you don’t want to put a cushion in large quantities, you can work it out by buying a patterned quilt.

Comfortable Bedroom Pillow
Comfortable Bedroom Pillow – Source: m.dhgate.com
Comfortable Bedroom Pillow Ideas
Comfortable Bedroom Pillow Ideas – Source: imall.com
Comfortable Bedroom Pillows
Comfortable Bedroom Pillows – Source: thediyplaybook.com

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