30 Graceful Container Garden Ideas To Create A Cohesive Landscape

Container parks are a great idea if you don’t have space for a traditional garden. Even if you do it, they are a great addition to the terrace or along the road. They also make it easier to change your settings with the season, add extra interest and color to the container, and lift the plant closer to eye level, making it more attractive.

Container Garden Arrangement

Many ideas for gardening. No one says that each container must contain only one plant, and in fact, placing several types of plants in the same container can make a very interesting arrangement.
A good mixture involves three plant heights, which attract high attention surrounded by several short varieties to fill low spaces and add color and texture, with hanging varieties planted around the edges to hang on the sides of the container – often referred to like thrillers, fillers, spillers.

Container Garden Ideas
Container Garden Ideas

When using several plants in the same container, it is important to consider which direction they will look. Place your taller plants in the “back” of the container, with the plants getting shorter when you are near the “front”. This is a good rule to consider the overall appearance of your container. Also, place smaller containers with smaller plants towards the front, where they can be seen.

Create A Beautiful And Graceful Container Garden

Make sure the plants you put in the same container have similar growing conditions and habits. This means pairing plants that have the same water and sunlight needs, and which will grow at the same level. If not, one plant can flourish while the other languishes.

Compactness is a big consideration in container garden settings. Try to include a unifying element, such as a recurrent container or flower color. Plant smaller plants in large containers arranged to grow naturally and create a cohesive landscape.

Here Are 30 Beautiful Container Garden Ideas That You Must Know

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