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14 Marvelous Studio Apartment Designs for Families to Be Happy

Having a large land area seems difficult to materialize if you live in a big city. One reason is limited land and the construction of sustainable skyscrapers. As a result, residential land is no longer built horizontally, but vertically. Because of this, one of the most sought after is an apartment.

Various types of units and apartment interior design have been provided by the developer, ranging from a choice of one room (studio) to 3 rooms or more and a choice of simple, modern to luxurious designs.

Studio Apartment Designs
Studio Apartment Designs

So, the more rooms in one unit, the more expensive the price. For those who have limited funds or without partners, studio-type apartments are perfect for them.

A studio apartment is a housing unit consisting of one bedroom and bathroom. This type of apartment has an area ranging from 20 m2 to 30 m2. Because of the community’s need for housing, studio-type apartments are increasingly in demand. Studio type apartments have a fairly cheap price compared to other units such as bedroom type.

Designing studio apartments looks fun and easy to handle. Inevitably we have to be able to make it into a multifunctional space. And not only that, you must really pay attention to what multifunctional space can also have comfort.

Therefore, you can apply the following design ideas to studio apartments that are multifunctional, comfortable and enjoyable.

apartment interior design
apartment interior design – source: slemanzan1a.com
Apartments Style
Apartments Style – source: www.comlanka.com
Cheap Decoration In Simple
Cheap Decoration In Simple – source: rmz-me.com
Interior Studio
Interior Studio – source: design-milk.com
Luxury Small Apartment Design
Luxury Small Apartment Design – source: arabysouq.com
Modern Design Apartment Studio
Modern Design Apartment Studio – source: 33decor.com
Private Room with Modern Apartment Studio
Private Room with Modern Apartment Studio – source: djbar-dune.com
Small Apartment Interior Design
Small Apartment Interior Design – source: pinterest.com
Small one Room Apartment
Small one Room Apartment – source: rogerhuerta.com
Small Studio Apartment Design
Small Studio Apartment Design – source: servicedapartmentsonline.com.au
Small Studio Apartment ideas
Small Studio Apartment ideas – source: recommend.my
Studio Apartment Decorating ideas on a budget
Studio Apartment Decorating ideas on a budget – source: maisonvalentina.net
Studio Apartment Living Room
Studio Apartment Living Room – source: m.yandex.com.tr
Studio Apartment
Studio Apartment – source: architecturesideas.com

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