11 Captivating Patio Design Ideas For Your Outdoor Beauty

A patio can also be called a terrace. The terrace in a Spanish-style building is usually accompanied by a large/outdoor courtyard and is used for casual meetings.

Patio or terrace design is not only in the backyard, but can also be in the front yard or next to the house. In fact, not many homes now have backyards because the land is getting smaller. A small terrace in the corner of the house or in the middle of the building can also be said and is considered a patio (terrace) by the owner to enjoy the fresh air outside.

Patio Design Ideas
Patio Design Ideas

Generally, a terrace is built with paving floors and is made of a kind of roof to protect it from rain. The position of the terrace can be attached to the alias house in front of the entrance of the house.

In addition, the roof style also varies. There is a flat roof with a slight slope that allows rainwater to fall. This flat roof is usually almost always integrated with the roof of the house. There is also a gable model. Can blend with the roof of a house, it can also stand alone.

For the terrace floor generally made different from the floor in the house and yard. The porch cover material is usually a type of paving/hardening or paving block that has a ball in the middle so that water can seep into the ground. This applies if the terrace is part of the backyard.

At present, cement flooring is a practical and long-lasting choice for your terrace. Natural stone pavers are also a good choice to add an extra touch to the terrace atmosphere and are a popular choice for small garden terraces.

Here are 11 captivating patio design ideas that you must see.

Best outdoor patio flooring
Best outdoor patio flooring – source: 2fold.info
Conventional Roof Style Patio
Conventional Roof Style Patio – source: vivbo.ru
lumon patio covers
lumon patio covers – source: cristconstruction.net
outdoor patio flooring
outdoor patio flooring – source: timberger.info
Patio Paving Designs
Patio Paving Designs – source: induced.info
Patio Roof Styles
Patio Roof Styles – source: turbotaxcut.com
Patio Roof
Patio Roof – source: roofsseimaku.blogspot.com
Plexiglass Patio Roof
Plexiglass Patio Roof – source: georgemurphydublin.net
Roof Extension Over Patio
Roof Extension Over Patio – source: healthcareoasis.com
rooftop patio ideas
rooftop patio ideas – source: familyinitiative.co
Wooden Roof Covering
Wooden Roof Covering – source: thermocolpunjab.co

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