Top 10+ Amazing Building Facade You Have To See

Building Facade 4116

Unique Amazing Building Facade. The facade itself has a very deep essence. The facade is a tape recorder of the history of human civilization. by looking at the facade design from time to time, can be studied socio-cultural conditions, spiritual life, even the economic and political conditions prevailing at that […]

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20+ Amazing Arches Building Ideas You Have To Know

Amazing Arches Building 3425

Architecture is the art and science of designing buildings. In a broader sense, the structure includes developing and building the entire built environment, ranging from the macro level of urban planning, urban design, landscape architecture, to the micro level of building design, furniture design, and product design Moreover, Architecture has […]

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25+ Fantastic Luxury Modern House Design Ideas For Live Better

Luxury Home Modern House Design 7220

It’s very natural that everyone wants to have a luxury home to live with their beloved family. Luxury house is synonymous with large, spacious, two or more floors and use imported materials. Though not all of them, some luxury houses carry a two-story model for some consideration. Currently, there are […]

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