25+ Epic & Fantastic Architecture Building Ideas To Inspire You

Fantastic Architecture Building 3313

Architecture is part of human culture, related to various aspects of life, among others: art, engineering, layout, design, geography, history. Points to See About art, architecture is the art of building, including shapes and ornaments. From a technical point of view, architecture is a system of building construction including the […]

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30 Awesome Living Room Ideas That Can Make Your Home More Wonderful

Awesome Living Room Ideas 2817

Living room or family room is a place to gather and move with the family. Therefore, the living room is comfortable. Choose furniture by the utility of the room, ranging from a sofa, bench, coffee table, side table, seating lamps, standard lamps, carpets, curtains, to accessories. Also, the living room […]

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25 Awesome Old Architecture Building Ideas To Inspire You

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Architecture is the art and science of designing buildings. In a broader sense, the architecture includes designing and building the entire built environment, ranging from the macro level of urban planning, urban design, landscape architecture, to the micro level of building design, furniture design, and product design. The architecture also […]

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